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Create The Things You Wish Existed

In our immersive pottery classes, you have the opportunity to unleash your inner artist, feel the clay beneath your fingertips, and discover the pure bliss that pottery has to offer.

Hand Building

Beginner class, make as many pieces as you have time for.
Pottery Throwing Classes

Throwing Classes

Take your pottery skills to the next level on the wheel.
Potter Classes

Group Classes

Book a special time for your family or close friends.

Hen Parties

Even the most reluctant mother-in-law cant resist


A day out for the whole office and a closer bond as a result

Advanced Classes

When you just can't get enough of hands in the clay.

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Join us in our immersive classes, and let the allure of clay guide you on a profound artistic journey. Unleash your inner artist, feel the clay beneath your fingertips, and immerse yourself in the pure bliss that pottery has to offer.


Don't ask us, ask our students

For the past 4 years, Rui Ceramics has been helping many people discover the joy of pottery. Our immersive pottery classes have allowed numerous beginners to experience the satisfaction of creating their own beautiful pieces. Just take a look at the positive Google Reviews, and you’ll see how much our students have valued their pottery journey with us.


More reviews from Our Students

Over the past four years, the heartfelt reviews shared by our valued students have truly humbled us. These testimonials speak volumes about the profound impact and transformative nature of crafting your own one-of-a-kind pottery masterpiece. The joy and fulfilment that come from channeling your creativity into a tangible work of art are immeasurable, and witnessing the meaningful experiences our students have had is truly awe-inspiring. At Rui Ceramics, we cherish the opportunity to guide you on this remarkable journey of self-expression and help you unlock the immense satisfaction that comes with bringing your artistic vision to life through pottery.

"Me and 2 girlfriends from Auckland booked in for the hand building workshop, Emma was amazing! She let us choose what we wanted to make, we all hadn’t done anything like this before and she made it super easy for us to learn and do the making ourselves. The 2 hours flew by and we were all really happy with what we made! Emma was so lovely and made the process so fun! We will definitely be coming back again :)"

Simone Nightingale

"We had a private lesson (for two) with Emma. The studio is warm and welcoming and a really lovely place to spend time. Emma herself is very friendly and kind and really patient, with a lovely sense of humour. We could have watched her at the wheel all day, but had even more fun when we tried ourselves. It is really addictive and the time absolutely flew. Emma's teaching is super-encouraging and very clear. We are officially hooked and can't wait to go back.."

Rebecca Mellor

"My wife and I were given a birthday gift of a two hour class on the wheel with Emma. It was so good we booked to go again a week later!! Emma is a great teacher and the process of learning to use the wheel is fun and very satisfying…. We have some cool, usable pottery articles to show for it. Thanks Emma we will be back."

Russell Akehurst