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“The 2 hours flew by and we were all really happy with what we made!”

Simone Nightingale.                           

Hand Building Pottery Classes

Unleash Your Creativity with Hand Building Pottery Classes: Learn the Art of Clay Sculpting and Design

In this workshop, students are encouraged to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life within the time constraints of the class. Hand building offers incredible flexibility, opening up endless possibilities for artistic expression. This makes it an ideal choice for team building, whether it’s among friends, family, or colleagues. The beauty of hand-building is that it allows you to create something truly unique and personal, a piece that no one else can replicate.

While hand-building classes may not be suitable for very young children, children aged 8 and above tend to derive the most enjoyment from the experience. Once the class is complete, your creations will undergo a thorough process. They will be allowed to dry completely, followed by a bisque firing. A clear glaze will be expertly applied, and a final glaze firing will bring out the stunning finish of your pottery. Rest assured, all post-class work, including firing and glazing, will be taken care of by our dedicated team at Rui Ceramics, and these services are included in the workshop fee.

"Me and 2 girlfriends from Auckland booked in for the hand building workshop, Emma was amazing! She let us choose what we wanted to make, we all hadn’t done anything like this before and she made it super easy for us to learn and do the making ourselves."

Please note that workshop availability is subject to booking and confirmation. To secure your spot, we kindly request that you book and complete payment at least three days prior to the scheduled class date. This ensures a seamless experience and allows us to prepare everything needed for your enriching pottery journey.

We don’t run regular classes that you can join, all our workshops are booked in advance. With the extra work outside the classes of glazing and firing, it is not economical for us to run classes for one or two people so you may be grouped with others so we can still offer great value to our students.


Ideas to get you inspired

You can make as many pieces as you want within the timeframe of the class.

Our hand-building workshops offer an ideal opportunity for meaningful mother-daughter bonding time. Together, delve into the captivating world of ceramics, creating cherished memories as you explore the art of sculpting clay.

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